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  • Thomas N. De Caro, President

    (914) 250-2403tomdecaro@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Melissa Colavito, Senior Vice President

    (914) 250-2412mcolavito@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Roseanne Picone, Vice President

    (914) 250-2406rpicone@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Nadine Lesser, Account Executive

    (914) 426-2139nlesser@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Frank Labarbera, Vice President

    (914) 250-2409flabarbera@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Brian Howley, Vice President

    (914) 250-2405bhowley@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Michael Henderson, Account Executive

    (914) 409-1938mhenderson@BenhcmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Bernard Carr, Senior Vice President for Affordable Housing

    (914) 250-2431bcarr@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

  • Theodore Granata, Account Executive

    tgranata@benchmarkta.comDownload VCard

  • Patricia Cantu, Sales Marketing Coordinator

    (914) 250-2416pcantu@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard

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