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  • Adam Etman, Counsel
    (914) 250-2433aetman@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Domenica Stancato, Reader
    (914) 250-2423dstancato@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Hilary Marsh, Office Manager
    (914) 250-2401hmarsh@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Jason Bergman, Vice President & Senior Underwriting Counsel
    (914) 250-2400jbergman@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Jean Partridge, Chief Counsel
    (914) 250-2404jpartridge@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Lisa Pejril, Staff Closer
    (914) 250-2425lpejril@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Mary Ellen Dervin, Closing Coordinator
    (914) 250-2418mdervin@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Melissa Weiner, Counsel
    (914) 250-2426mweiner@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Phyllis Gitter, Vice President and Closer
    (914) 250-2415pgitter@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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