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You may also download the compelte staff list below.

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Sales Experts

  • Thomas N. DeCaro, President
    (914) 250-2403tomdecaro@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Melissa Colavito, Senior Vice President
    (914) 250-2412mcolavito@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Bernard Carr, Senior Vice President for Affordable Housing
    (914) 250-2431bcarr@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Frank Labarbera, Vice President
    (914) 250-2409flabarbera@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Brian Howley, Vice President
    (914) 250-2405bhowley@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Megan Zangaglia, Account Executive
    (646) 529-7891mzangaglia@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Anthony Epps, Business Development
    (914) 250-2430aepps@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Nadine Lesser, Account Executive
    (914) 426-2139nlesser@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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Legal / Clearance Experts

  • Jean Partridge, Chief Counsel & Managing Member
    (914) 250-2404jpartridge@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Jason Bergman, Vice President & Senior Underwriting Counsel
    (914) 250-2400jbergman@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Melissa Weiner, Counsel
    (914) 250-2426mweiner@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Loriel DeCaro, Counsel
    (914) 250-2407ldecaro@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Adam Etman, Counsel
    (914) 250-2433aetman@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Domenica Stancato, Reader
    (914) 250-2423dstancato@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Claudio Cartaginese, Reader
    (914) 250-2421ccartaginese@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Hilary Marsh, Legal Assistant
    (914) 250-2401hmarsh@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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Accounting / Escrow / Recordings

  • Patrick Adamo, Chief Financial Officer
    (914) 250-2422padamo@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Raheid Gathers, Accounting Dept.
    (914) 409-1940rgathers@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Lisa Pejril, Staff Closer
    (914) 250-2425lpejril@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • EJ Van Bomel, Recording Specialist
    (914) 409-1937evanbomel@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Daniella Sgobbo, Accounting Clerk
    (914) 250-2402dsgobbo@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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Customer Service

  • Beth Brucaliere, Operations Manager
    (914) 250-2408bbrucaliere@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Carmen Casilla, Customer Service
    (914) 250-2424ccasilla@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Patricia Cantu, Sales Marketing Coordinator
    (914) 250-2419pcantu@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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Staff Closers

  • Mary Ellen Dervin, Closing Coordinator
    (914) 250-2418mdervin@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Phyllis Gitter-Russell, Vice President
    (914) 250-2415pgitter@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Lisa Pejril, Staff Closer
    (914) 250-2425lpejril@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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  • David Malinowski, Production Specialist
    (914) 250-2420dmalinowski@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
  • Joy Findley, Production
    (914) 250-2432jfindley@BenchmarkTA.comDownload VCard
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